Job Opportunities in Dubai after completing AutoCAD Training Course

AutoCAD course

The best AutoCAD training in Dubai gets provided to you at affordable rates by CADD International or CAD Dubai. AutoCAD is the 2D and 3D computer assisted drafting software application used effectively by AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) professionals along with Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Construction Designers, and Interior Designers. These professionals play a crucial role in effectively fulfilling a building lifecycle from start to finish. The AutoCAD course has created a high job demand for professionals in this field. Transform your career by undertaking the AutoCAD course in Dubai with us at CAD Dubai.

AutoCAD is best used to digitally design, create, and draft blueprints of building-constructions along with making changes as per feedbacks to these blueprints made by engineers and architects as per the requirement. With the best AutoCAD training in Dubai, you can become excellent AutoCAD professionals who are highly sought out by leading AEC and MEP organizations along with interior designing companies.

At CADD, we have designed our AutoCAD courses for both beginners and experts. Our focus lies in developing the latest CAD technical skills as per the newest trends in the AEC and MEP industry along with those in Interior Designing. At our AutoCAD Course, our skilled trainers provide you with the training you need to polish your skills and upgrade yourself in this industry. With us, you learn to handle all the CAD tools with precision and finesse, which helps you to be more productive than ever. The AutoCAD tools you practice with us makes you an excellent CAD professional delivering high-quality results day-in and day-out with ease. The courses we focus on include AutoCAD 2D, 3D, MEP, Revit, Architecture, and Civil 3D as per your requirements.

Top Firms hiring AutoCAD experts in Dubai

The top firms hiring AutoCAD experts in Dubai include those who require civil drafters, architectural drafters, architectural supervisors, electrical drafters, mechanical drafters, residential and commercial interior designers, AutoCAD operators, AutoCAD Draftsman and AutoCAD technicians. These firms look for future employees who have an in-depth practical knowledge in AutoCAD, who provides valuable credentials along with enhanced productivity. Some of the notable firms include those that work in the AEC, MEP, and Interior Designing sector. Examples include SPIE Oil and Gas Services Middle East, NAFFCO FZCO, Electra Events and Exhibitions, Draughtsman-HVAC, Arenco Real Estate Est., and Procom Middle East among many more.

Architects, Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Construction Supervisors, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Plumbers and Plumbing engineers, and Interior Designers are in high demand in Dubai as they are the main personnel behind building design and construction. AEC, MEP and Interior Designing firms keep looking for professionals who excel in CAD and AutoCAD. At CADD International, you can transform your CAD and AutoCAD career through undertaking our best AutoCAD training in Dubai. AutoCAD certification is the most credible certification that validates your CAD skills. As a certified professional, you get an access to the certified professional logo and it provides you with an understanding of the design tools. It gives you an edge in the highly competitive job market of today.

Mechanical Engineering firms, industries, and organizations use AutoCAD to design and create manufacturing processes, design motor parts, and other innovative projects. The Electrical Engineering industries use AutoCAD to map out digital electrical circuit-boards and systems. The Civil Engineering industries widely use this AutoCAD software to design buildings, bridges, roads, and skyscrapers that can become engineering marvels in Dubai. The AutoCAD course in Dubai provided by us at CAD Dubai equips you in the industry.

Analyzing Entry-Level Positions for AutoCAD Professionals in Dubai

Shape the world and shape your future through the entry-level positions for AutoCAD professionals in Dubai. The AutoCAD course equips you with all the technicalities of AutoCAD to excel in the entry level positions. The software helps to innovate in big ways and you can contribute well through the best AutoCAD training in Dubai provided by us at CADD International. CAD Dubai offers the best AutoCAD course in Dubai. Entry-level AutoCAD operators get paid well as they offer a high work expertise through their work.

The average monthly salary for AutoCAD operator who is at entry-level is around 7280 AED. With the lowest salary being 3790 AED and highest being 11100 AED, the entry-level AutoCAD professionals get recognized well for their work through good salary packages in Dubai and UAE. Surveys show that about 25% of entry-level AutoCAD employees earn less than 5490 AED, 50% earn less than 6620 AED, 75% earn less than 7520 AED, and 100% earn upto 11100 AED. Usually, the Payscale increase by your experience as an AutoCAD operator. Those with 0 to 2 years experience get paid around 4300 AED and those with a high experience of above 20 years earn upto 11100 AED and more. Thus, it is high time that you undertake the best AutoCAD training in Dubai with us at CAD Dubai.


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