What Can You Expect from a Dubai Revit Architecture Course?


The Revit Architecture in Dubai with an emphasis on Architecture and MEP has become essential for professionals working in the field of construction, civil engineering, architecture, and MEP streams in the industry in Dubai. On top of it, Revit Architecture in Dubai is one of the most sought out course. We, CADD International or CAD Dubai offer the best course-curriculum with practical hands-on experiences in the heart of Dubai where lot of world-class constructions take place on a daily basis.

Are you anxiously looking to get into the professional side of constructions in Dubai? Then, you can feel at home at CAD Dubai, wherein we focus on your skill-upgrading through the best Revit MEP Course in Dubai. If you want to learn the practicality of Revit Architecture course along with the MEP course, you can do so diligently at an affordable fee-structure right in the heart of Dubai, UAE.

So, what you need to expect from a Revit Architecture course in Dubai? Are you concerned that you will struggle with the course as you aim and try to ace/excel in this course? Don’t you worry as we help you to achieve the dream job you are looking for in the field of Revit Architecture, MEP, or BIM. As you enrol with us, you are in our safe hands as we teach and coach you the core concepts of Building Information Modelling (BIM), Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing works (MEP) and Revit along with CAD/AutoCAD as per your professional requirements.
You can join these courses even as a professional architect, civil engineer, construction engineer, interior designer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, and a plumbing professional to update your skills in BIM, Revit, and CAD/AutoCAD. Contact us to know more about Revit Architecture course in Dubai.

Core Concepts: Understanding BIM and Revit

To design your dream building or to involve in a great construction project in Dubai as a Revit and BIM professional, one should understand the concepts of Revit Architecture in Dubai. The knowledge gets translated and transformed into the major concepts of Revit MEP Course in Dubai and Revit architecture in Dubai.

BIM or Building Information Modelling forms the crux behind the blueprint-design of a construction project. It is a detailed digital representation of all the characteristics of a building and infrastructure project that include functional and physical characteristics scaled to the exact measurements and dimensions. The model provides a visual representation of how the building or project will be after it gets completed. It helps to identify the potential problems and pitfalls, which can be nullified at the time of construction as you already speculated or forecasted the shortcomings of the construction.

Revit, the software developed by Autodesk gets used to do BIM modeling process. The powerful tool allows civil engineers, architects, construction engineers, interior designers, and MEP professionals to design, build, and manage building-constructions and infrastructure projects. Revit and BIM bring on various benefits that include increased efficiency, improved collaboration, cost savings, and improved accuracy. The BIM Revit training in Dubai provided by us at CAD Dubai focuses on introducing BIM technology and various practical applications in BIM. It involves the general concepts and techniques of consolidated modeling techniques like CAD/AutoCAD, and 3D geometric modeling tools. Learn all the technological innovations brought forth by Revit and BIM in the construction sector in Dubai, which has transformed Dubai, UAE, and middle-east as a hub of breath-taking building-constructions; the example include Burj Khalifa and other noteworthy constructions. Revit architecture in Dubai plays a prominent role in design and construction of buildings in Dubai.

From Beginner to BIM Master: Course-Levels Offered

As an authorized academic partner of Autodesk, we provide the best BIM courses from entry to master level along with Revit architecture and MEP courses in Dubai. Our focus is to help you upgrade your skills in BIM, Revit and CAD/AutoCAD with which you can become a high-earning Revit, BIM or CAD/AutoCAD professional in Dubai, UAE, Middle East, or any other professional destinations of your choice. Our experts offer you the BIM courses for the following categories that include BIM for coordinator, BIM for managers, and BIM for infrastructure. We also provide AutoCAD, Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, Civil 3D, Sketchup, Rhino, V-Rays, 3ds Max, Navisworks, Infraworks, Etabs, Corona, Enscape, Lumion, and other courses for MEP professionals and Project Management professionals.

How Revit Skills can advance your architecture career in Dubai?

By learning these Revit, BIM, CAD/AutoCAD, MEP, and Project Management courses with us at CADD International, you become closer to your dream/ambition of becoming a high-paying professional in the Dubai construction industry. Our courses offer internships with which you can gain ample experience in architectural and construction field of Dubai, which translates to your advancement of architecture career in Dubai, UAE, Middle East, or any part of the world.


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